Jack Ross Knutson

Hire a Giraffe on the Staff

I’ve got a neck so long it looks like a staff 
But still I don’t talk I’m a quiet giraffe
My head goes up like an elevator car
If it went any higher it would be on a star 
Yes, my neck is long not dinky or kinky 
But rather silky sleek and sort of slinky
Bends like a reed, ripples no friction
When I walk it looks like I must be Egyptian
My eyes are soft big blushing brown
I might shed a tear if you give me a frown
So smile a yodeled hello up to me
And I’ll beam down my smile from the top of a tree
I have two short horns on the top of my head
They make me look Martian I suppose could be said 
On my sides the pattern is like brown pieces of puzzle 
Random, irregular yet somehow fit in their tussle 
While walking the plains I have little to fear
I’m so tall the lions can’t climb up here