Jack Ross Knutson

Friar Elephant

I’m a gray elephant as big as a house
Yet I can be so quiet, hush as a mouse
Or I can blow my trunk as loud as a train
Even use it to spray water and bring down the rain 
I have tusks six feet long that are ivory white
And each floppy ear is as big as a kite
I eat about a hundred pounds of food a day
That’s not very much for what I weigh
When I am born I’m already three hundred pounds 
But that’s not quite as big as it sounds
Still I’m a baby and need loving care
Which just like a little bird I need to share
With a stroke across my back down the tip of my nose 
Which dangles along like a garden hose
Someday when I grow strong as big as a truck
I’ll still be your friend like a Friar Tuck