Jack Ross Knutson

Solitary meditation on the death of my friend Axel looking through upstairs
afternoon window

Axel, to think that was the last time you saw the sunlight on the grass
the majestic redwood ruling over the landscape
the mighty oak's buttress against wind and rain
the splendor of the playful rhododendron,  magenta bursting through the shade
morning's youth aging to the afternoon
the night rising like a timid tide becoming bold with cold
then like the fuchsias' shy red accent against the verdure's array came calling
the memory of the strong heady wine of our solid friendship ending only now with your
unexpected death
Your fatherly and brotherly hand guided 
So along with the shimmering brush of the small squirrel's tail I know what lives on,
what dies, what is transitory and what is eternal
Farewell my dear friend