Kirk Wilson

Naming Andromeda

We have to believe first of all that there are connecting 
arcs between the stars and that they tell a story

Then we must understand the power we have
to resurrect a life in things by giving them a name

We must admit the complication of our notion that stars take 
arbitrary places due to an explosion suffered in their childhoods
and are in fact still running from the scene so quickly
none of us can think about a place they are
or a way they were at one time because everything is over 
for them as it is for all of us the instant it begins 
and all we may imagine is the apocalyptic radiance 
they fired off in our direction when time was born to hunger

While we are here to believe the story we may suspect 
what counts is not so much the stars but the space between them 

Could that darkness be the reason they belong to one another
Could the core of their burning single and doomed mean less 
after all than the brilliance of their connection to the whole