Kirk Wilson

Chanson d'Amour

Poetry abandons me
It is windy
I go to all the places we used to be together

I have missed the wedding and can’t think why
There is plenty of blame to go around

Come dark the lights are baffled by the wind
They no longer know what kind of city 
to imagine around them

This is what happens
You happen elsewhere 
I dream you are singing when
you are in fact singing

In the dream the wounds I have given you
become invisible

In the dream I can measure 
the distance between you and my life

Dear Poetry 
Please tell me

how do you love so much 
(name who/what-ever here)
if not for the allure of love itself

and what is love but its allure unknown
in things unknowable

Dear Poetry
Please come home

Together we will refuse to decide
whether to take life seriously

Together we will live in that way
you burn and keep burning